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We are seeking a Program Management & Special Projects Lead, this role will lead our mentorship program and more. 


Ask yourself:  

  • Are you interested in supporting a mentorship program for young entrepreneurs?  
  • Are you comfortable communicating with stakeholders across industries and experience levels?  
  • Do you have experience organising events (from program launch to wrap-up)?  
  • Do you have experience creating engagement and satisfaction surveys? 


If you said yes to the following, we want you for our Program Management & Special Projects role!  


Key Responsibilities:  

  • Overseeing our entire mentorship program, which includes:  Complete oversight of the timeline and process, Mentorship-related events (kick off, check-ins, wrap up, etc.)  
  • Managing communications with mentees, mentors, and other stakeholders throughout the program
  • Directing the matching process  
  • Managing the execution of special initiatives that Africa Street MBA undertakes throughout the year.

Apply today by emailing us your CV to


We are seeking someone to lead our Sponsorship & Grants activities and to help drive collaboration across stakeholder groups, funding bodies, and strengthen our network. This role requires an individual who is able to clearly identify and communicate value for different stakeholder groups. Ask yourself:

  • Do you have experience developing relationships with sponsors/partner organisations?
  • Are you experienced in drafting content (proposals, applications) to secure sponsors?
  • Are you able to evaluate and measure impact/benefit created for sponsors?
  • Are you able to clearly communicate our value proposition to potential sponsors?

If you said yes to the above, we want you for this role!

Key Responsibilities:

  • Identify and secure sponsorship and/or collaboration opportunities (e.g. dollars, space, time)
  • Establish and track key metrics to communicate the value of Africa Street MBA to sponsors and to the entrepreneurial community
  • Identify and lead applications for relevant grant opportunities
  • Communicate value for sponsors through various formats (e.g. emails, presentations, etc.)

Apply today by emailing us your CV to





The Africa Street MBA is seeking a Digital and Content Lead to maintain and grow our project’s social networks. As a Digital and Content Lead, you will update our social networks, create and curate content to gain new followers, and keep our website up-to-date. 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement social media brand strategies, campaigns, and plans to build organisation awareness
  • Create, maintain, and grow new and existing social networks including Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and others
  • Manage and create content for our blog, and maintain our website
  • Create, or help team with, visual templates for posters, emails, and other media campaigns
  • Monitor and take lead on external communications, including through social media, the project email, form submissions, and others.

Apply today by emailing us your resume and a letter of intent to





We are looking for an engaging and passionate Events and Community Development Lead to assist us with organising and overseeing our events to make a memorable impact to our membership. As the Events and Community Development Lead, you will ensure our events are engaging and successful. 

Ask yourself:

  • Do you have experience successfully planning virtual and/or in person events?
  • Are you comfortable liaising with team members, speakers, and panelists to coordinate event logistics?
  • Can you manage multiple projects and moving pieces?
  • Are you excited by the opportunity to curate experiences for young entrepreneurs?

If you said yes to the above, we want you for the Events and Community Development Lead role!

Key Responsibilities:

  • Brainstorming and planning events from start to finish according to requirements, target audience, event type, and objectives
  • Source and negotiate with vendors and suppliers
  • Coordinate roles and handling logistics on day of event to ensure success
  • Analyze event’s success and prepare reports to improve subsequent events

Apply today by emailing us your CV to