Africa Street MBA Accelerator Program Awards Grants, Fueling Dreams for Local Businesses

The Africa Street MBA (AfSMBA) programme with support from the KGL Foundation continues to empower young Ghanaian entrepreneurs! On 23rd April 2024, we celebrated the success of two beneficiaries from our 2023 Accelerator Program. These driven individuals visited the DONE BY US office to receive business support grants, a significant boost to their entrepreneurial journeys.

The AfSMBA Accelerator Program is a cornerstone of the organization’s mission: nurturing and accelerating promising startups in Africa. The program provides participants with invaluable resources, including mentorship, workshops, and now, crucial financial support through these grants.

These grants are more than just funding; they represent a vote of confidence in the awardees’ vision and potential. The funds will be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Product development or inventory expansion: Allowing the businesses to scale up their offerings and meet growing customer demand.
  • Marketing and outreach initiatives: Helping them reach a wider audience and attract new customers.
  • Operational improvements: Investing in equipment, technology, or software to streamline operations and increase efficiency.

By providing these resources, the AfSMBA program empowers these young entrepreneurs to overcome critical hurdles and propel their businesses forward. The story of these two grant recipients is just the beginning. Many more aspiring entrepreneurs will undoubtedly benefit from the AfSMBA Accelerator Program in the years to come.

This initiative highlights the importance of supporting local businesses.

Are you a young entrepreneur in Ghana with a dream? Consider applying to the AfSMBA Accelerator Program! You could be the next recipient of a life-changing business support grant and join a supportive network of mentors and fellow entrepreneurs. Visit the AfSMBA website or social media pages for more information and application details. Remember, with the right support, your business idea can flourish!