Africa Street MBA Prepares to Empower Tease Township!

On May 20th, 2024, Mr. Germi Aminu Abdulai, a dedicated volunteer community trainer with Africa Street MBA, embarked on a crucial mission in the Kwahu Afram Plains of Ghana’s Eastern Region. His destination: Tease, the district capital of Kwahu Afram Plains South. The purpose? A community entry engagement – laying the groundwork for a larger, impactful event planned for May 30th.

This initial engagement targeted assembly men and unit committee members – local leaders who hold the pulse of the community. Africa Street MBA recognizes the importance of collaboration. By fostering strong relationships with these key figures, the project ensures its upcoming program aligns with the community’s specific needs and aspirations.

The May 30th “climax engagement” promises to be a significant event. While details remain under wraps, one can expect an initiative designed to empower and equip the people of Kwahu Afram Plains. Africa Street MBA has a proven track record of success, providing valuable training and resources to help communities thrive.

This community entry engagement signifies Africa Street MBA’s commitment to building bridges. By working hand-in-hand with local leaders, the organization ensures its programmes have a lasting positive impact.