Africa Street MBA Takes the Message of Empowerment to Ho FM

Empowering entrepreneurs across Ghana, Africa Street MBA recently took center stage on Ho FM, a prominent radio station in Ho, the capital of the Volta Region. This appearance served as a platform to discuss their upcoming project aimed at igniting the entrepreneurial spirit within the region’s communities.

Listeners of Ho FM gained valuable insights into Africa Street MBA’s mission and the exciting project planned for the Volta Region. Representatives from the organization shed light on key aspects, including:

  • Focus on Regional Growth: The interview highlighted Africa Street MBA’s commitment to fostering economic development within the Volta Region. By equipping residents with entrepreneurial skills, the project aims to create a wave of new businesses, leading to job creation and regional prosperity.
  • Accessible Training: Representatives emphasized their dedication to providing inclusive training programs.Delivered entirely in the local language, the sessions ensure clear communication and cater to a wider audience within the Volta Region.
  • Curriculum for Success: The conversation delved into the program’s curriculum, which will equip participants with essential business knowledge covering areas like identifying market opportunities, crafting a business plan,managing finances effectively, and developing successful marketing and sales strategies.

This impactful radio appearance served as a powerful call to action for aspiring entrepreneurs in the Volta Region. By highlighting the upcoming training sessions and Africa Street MBA’s commitment to accessible, culturally sensitive education, the interview encouraged listeners to participate in this transformative program.

Listeners of Ho FM undoubtedly came away with a newfound understanding of Africa Street MBA’s mission and the positive impact the project intends to have on the region. This radio appearance paves the way for a successful program rollout, empowering individuals in the Volta Region to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys and contribute to a brighter economic future.