Most entrepreneurs wear several hats, thus: develop their products/services, market their brand, hire people, maintain relationships with their customers, etc. On top of all that, entrepreneurs must keep track of their expenses, revenues and how they use money. This phenomenon hinders most entrepreneurs to properly focus on prudent accounting and finance practice.

In line with the above, most business owners in Ghana do not have an accurate picture of their business finance because they do not record and categorize every transaction. In addition, they do not audit their books and do not produce regular reports of their finances.

To help deepen knowledge in this area, the Africa Street MBA is organizing a Virtual Fireside Event titled “Accounting and Finance for Small Businesses” to address the following broad areas: 

  • Accounting:
  • How should small businesses properly record, maintain, and report financial records?
  • What ledger should a small business owner keep?
  • How should cash flow be managed?
  • What measures should be put in place to ensure unexpected expenses are covered?
  • What are some of the tax obligations for small business owners in Ghana?
  • How should payroll be managed?
  • What measures must be put in place to secure a company’s accounting data?
  • Can small business owners afford the services of Chartered Accountants?
  • Finance:
  • How should small businesses manage their money and investments?
  • What is a capital structure and how can a small business owner adopt the right capital structure?
  • What does an entrepreneur need in terms of accounting and finance before raising funds from investors?
  • Financial Dashboard:
  • What is an Income Statement (Profit & Loss / P&L)?
  • What is Statement of Cash Flows?
  • What is a Balance Sheet?

Event Details:

  • Date: Saturday, 13th May 2023
  • Time: 5:00PM (GMT)

The guest speaker for the event is Mr. James Peprah-Yeboah, a Chartered Accountant with vast experience in accounting, finance and taxation. The event will be hosted by Mr. King A. Wellington, a management consultant.