Entrepreneurship Youth Summit In 4 Underserved Communities

Get ready, Eastern and Volta Regions! Africa Street MBA, in collaboration with the KGL Foundation, is bringing its impactful community training program to your doorstep. This exciting initiative aims to equip young people and community members with the essential skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the world of business.

Building Capacity in Donkokrom, Tease, Adidome & Agotime-Ziope:

Mark your calendars! We’ll be rolling out our training sessions across four key locations:

  • Donkokrom: May 29th, 2024
  • Tease: May 30th, 2024
  • Adidome: June 1st, 2024
  • Agotime-Ziope: June 3rd, 2024

These interactive sessions are designed to bridge the business knowledge gap, particularly for residents of underserved communities. Our experienced trainers will guide participants through a comprehensive curriculum covering:

  • Entrepreneurship Essentials: Understanding core business concepts like marketing, finance, and legal considerations.
  • Developing a Winning Idea: Learning how to identify market needs, validate your business concept, and craft a compelling business plan.
  • Building a Strong Foundation: Gaining the skills necessary to launch and manage a successful business, from financial management to marketing strategies.

Empowering Individuals, Strengthening Communities:

Africa Street MBA’s community training program goes beyond individual empowerment. By equipping residents with entrepreneurial skills, we aim to:

  • Drive economic growth: Stimulate local economies by fostering the creation of new businesses and job opportunities within these communities.
  • Unlock local potential: Empower individuals to translate their talents and ideas into reality, fostering a spirit of self-reliance and innovation.
  • Build a brighter future: Invest in the next generation of business leaders who can contribute to the overall prosperity of the Eastern and Volta Regions.

This is Your Opportunity!

Are you a young person living in Donkokrom, Tease, Adidome, or Agotime-Ziope with a burning entrepreneurial spirit?Are you a community member interested in learning valuable business skills? Then this training program is for you!

Join us and:

  • Gain the knowledge and skills needed to turn your business idea into a reality.
  • Network with other aspiring entrepreneurs and build a supportive network.
  • Learn from experienced trainers and mentors who can guide you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Get Involved & Stay Tuned!

We encourage everyone in Donkokrom, Tease, Adidome, and Agotime-Ziope to participate in this exciting initiative. For more information on registration and specific locations, visit our website or social media pages.

Additionally, these training sessions serve as a potential springboard for the upcoming Africa Street MBA 2024 Accelerator Programme. By participating in the community training, you’ll gain a strong foundation in business fundamentals, potentially positioning yourself to compete for a spot in the Accelerator, which offers intensive support and resources to propel high-growth startups forward.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Eastern and Volta Regions training program! We look forward to empowering you and your community on the path to entrepreneurial success.