Ghana Startups Association Pays Courtesy Call On DONE BY US & Africa Street MBA

The future of Ghanaian entrepreneurship is looking bright, thanks to a promising collaboration brewing between two key organizations. On 24th April 2024, representatives from the Africa Street MBA (AfSMBA) program met with the Association of Ghana Startups (AGS) to explore potential partnerships. The fruitful discussion paves the way for exciting initiatives that will empower aspiring entrepreneurs across the nation.

Both AfSMBA and AGS share a common goal: fostering a thriving startup ecosystem in Ghana. AfSMBA, known for its innovative training programs and mentorship initiatives, empowers individuals with the skills and knowledge to launch and grow successful businesses. The AGS, representing a network of established startups, provides vital resources and advocacy for entrepreneurs across Ghana.

This potential partnership holds immense potential for Ghanaian entrepreneurs. By combining their strengths, AfSMBA and AGS will offer Enhanced Training Programs, Expanded Mentorship Opportunities, and Networking Events and Workshops.

This collaboration isn’t just about individual businesses; it’s about building a robust and supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem in Ghana. By working together, AfSMBA and AGS can create a more fertile ground for startups to thrive,ultimately contributing to economic growth and innovation within the country.

The future is bright for Ghanaian entrepreneurs.

As both organizations move forward with discussions, aspiring entrepreneurs across Ghana have good reason to be excited. This potential partnership signifies a commitment to fostering a supportive environment where dreams can turn into reality. Stay tuned for further developments as AfSMBA and AGS join forces to empower the next generation of Ghanaian business leaders!